Kristen's Brochure - I thought you all might enjoy seeing her brochure

From left: Chrissy Ravelli-Studer, unknown, Wendy Decker, Kristen Erico, Janet Stetser, Annette Wolfe and Sandy Weber

"Kristen was a good friend of mine. We would chat for hours, really connecting at the MCR events. She worked at Black Tie in Portland and had a small reflexology room and practice. She lived in Portland and we would get together often, more frequently after she became sick, about once a week during her last months at her Portland apartment. Many MCR members gave her reflexology sessions. One time we conducted the MCR meeting at her family's home on Peaks Island, which is just off Portland. We had a demonstration from two chiropractors who worked on her at the afternoon program. When she died, I inherited her short little massage table that she used for her reflexology sessions. She used a huge pillow to keep the client in a semi reclined position. I still have and use this table, which reminds me of Kristen every time I use it." Wendy Decker

The Maine Council of Reflexologists

Secretary:  207-592-4573

Adoption of MCR Policies and Procedures
January 19, 2013
MCR Kristen Erico Fund Guidelines

The Kristen Erico Fund was initiated and named in honor of Kristen, one of our members who died of breast cancer in 1994. Kristen’s family donated to MCR her reflexology tools and equipment as well as a sum of money. The tools and equipment were auctioned among our members and the proceeds, together with the family’s cash donation, became the seed  money for the establishment of the Kristen Erico Fund. Kristen wanted to go to reflexology workshops and national and international meetings and conferences but, like many of us, often lacked the funds. The Kristen Erico Fund is used to make interest-free loans to MCR members so that they may attend workshops and conferences for which they have no immediate funding. The Fund continues to grow with the proceeds from General Council meeting auctions.

The following are the guidelines for obtaining a loan through the Kristen Erico Fund:

1. The applicant must be a certified reflexologist, an MCR member in 
good standing and have no previous outstanding loan.

2. The loan must be used for workshop and conference fees, exclusive of

3. To apply for the loan, the applicant completes the MCR Kristen Erico 
Fund Loan Application and Contract (link below) and 
sends it to the President.

4. If approved, the President and Treasurer will sign the Application and 
Contract and send the applicant a copy that becomes a contract upon 
disbursement of funds. The check will be made payable to the payee 
name as per the Application and Contract.

5. Repayment of the loan must start within one month of disbursement of 
the funds. The full amount of the loan must be repaid within six months.

6. Default of the loan will be brought before the Executive Board for 
consideration and resolution.

Kristen Erico Fund Application