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Membership Benefits & Information

maine council of reflexologists

New Benefit! 

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More Benefits 

  • Members receive three newsletters per year, and have the opportunity to attend the three MCR meetings per year. Meetings are Saturdays.

  • The meetings consist of a morning business meeting and an afternoon educational workshop, round table or hands-on exchange. Location is in Augusta in the spring and winter and in Ellsworth in the fall. 

  • Professional members each have the right to vote when membership dues are paid in full and up to date.

  • The Kristen Erico Fund is available to those Professional Members who wish to borrow from the fund to go to reflexology workshops or conferences.

  • Brochure: Certified professional members have the right to be listed in the MCR Brochure, in the insert of the tri-fold brochure, which is updated and published in the fall after the membership renewals are in, and given out at member's discretion and at events such as the Common Ground Fair and health fairs.

  • Continuing Education CEU's are required for continued professional level membership. Among other things, attending meeting programs will provide credit hours. MCR sponsors one reflexology related educational opportunity every other year, on the off year for RAA Conference. We try to make this as convenient and economical as possible. You will receive a mailing when it gets closer to the next educational opportunity.

  • MCR helps organize a group of 8 or more for ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) testing in Maine, as requested by members.

  • An events kit, with generic posters that can be used for getting information out to the public about MCR related events - such as World Reflexology Week - is available upon request.

  • The new members receive a welcome packet, which includes a certificate of membership, the most recent MCR members’ list of names and addresses, brochure, Code of Ethics, By-laws and Policies & Procedures, MCR Professional Standards, and Continuing Education form.
    Reflexology Association of America information will be provided as well.

  • Professional Members have the right to be listed on the MCR website, on the Certified Reflexologist's page.

  • Professional Members have the opportunity to participate in promotional events such as the Common Ground Fair where MCR has a booth to provide fair-goers and promote reflexology.

  • Networking: Members receive a list of other members and may choose to network with other members at meetings and throughout the year.

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