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Membership Forms

maine council of reflexologists
  • Yes, I want to join the organization and receive MCR's newsletter with up-to-date information on council meetings, workshops, and news.

  • If you want to join the Reflexology Association of America, you now need to go to their website and apply separately. (This makes the applications more friendly and helps the organizations simplify their process.) You will need to fill out the appropriate sections and send it to the address which is in the left lower corner and include your check made out to MCR.

  • Full year MCR Professional or Associate membership July 1st - June 30th, Fee $50

  • Half year (only last 6 months of membership year available for a half-year membership, for new members) , new members only. MCR Professional or Associate level membership Jan 1st -  June 30th, - Fee $25

MCR Membership Application Form

Download Form Here
Please fill in the form and send it to:        
Maine Council of Reflexologists
PO Box 5583
Augusta ME  04332  

RAA Membership Applications
Please fill in the form (unless renewing online) and send to:
Link to RAA Website
Reflexology Association of America
Admin Office: PO Box 1235
Evart, MI 49631
Phone: 980-234-0159, FAX: 401-568-6449


For information about the Reflexology Association of America,

go to

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