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Meet the Board, Officers and Committee Members

MCR Board 2022 - 2023

Maine Council of Reflexologists Officers 
(elected positions):

President: Nancy Butler-Smith, 207-592-4573

Vice President: Myra Achorn 207-626-3338

 Secretary: Kelly Bean, 207-320-0154

Treasurer: Susan Buzzell 207-446-0104

Standing Committee Chairs 

Membership: Susan Buzzell

Education: Nancy Butler-Smith

Bylaws: Alison Gingras

Legislative: vacant

Standards & Ethics: Claire Guy

Welcoming: vacant

Other Committees:

Newsletter Editor:  Melissa Caswell, 207-242-6944
Website: Wendy Decker, 207-443-2572
Brochure Committee: vacant
Librarian: vacant

Historian: Kelly Bean, 207-320-0154

Ad Hoc Committees:
Reflexology & Cancer: Lynn Danforth, S. Portland, 207-767-5776


RAA Delegates:

Holly Aguilo 207-468-5970


Mail Coordinator - Nancy Butler-Smith 207-592-4573

Bank Statement Monitor - Claire Guy 207-441-5670

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