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Reflexology Schools in Maine & Reflexology Links 

maine council of reflexologists

Reflexology Schools in Maine:

​Sole Wise School of Reflexology
306 Hour Certification

1 Lincoln Ave
Gardiner, ME 04345

Helpful Reflexology Links


Reflexology Associations and Boards:
Reflexology Association of America: 

American Reflexology Certification Board

The National Conference for Reflexology Educators -NCRE

International Council of Reflexologists 

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Reflexology Research Project Presents:


Reflexology Charts and Self-help Tools:
Interactive Reflexology Foot chart by Kevin and Barbara Kunz:

​Interactive Reflexology Hand Chart by Kevin and Barbara Kunz:

Reflexology charts and books 


Reflexology Brochures and Charts, Vancouver

Reflexology charts and books

Free foot, hand and ear charts

2023 ARCB EXAM DATES & Locations

April 29, 2023 Cincinnati, OH


May 6, 2023 Philadelphia, PA

May 6, 2023 Seattle, WA


June 24, 2023 Carrboro, NC


August 12, 2023 Seattle, WA


Sept. 9, 2023 Cleveland, OH

Sept. 16, 2023 Atlanta, GA


Nov. 4, 2023 Seattle, WA

Registration closes 30 days PRIOR to an exam date.

Please email the exam date and location you prefer.

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