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Solewise School of Reflexology Graduates

Three SoleWise students were stopped right in the middle of their schooling by the pandemic. Because we didn’t have Zoom at the time, we ran the remainder of our classes via FaceTime!!! That was a fun challenge!

After each of the students went through adjustment to their own home and work routines, each came back to complete her certification in hand and foot reflexology. Happy and pleased for all of them. We will schedule a celebration lunch once it is safe again.

Left to Right: Promis, Sarah, Kim

Promis Bryant, a hair dresser, nail tech and now reflexologist works in


Sarah Cook-Mathieson, also a hair dresser and energy healer, works in the Damariscotta area.

Kim Sweatt, practicing in Falmouth, also offers Reiki and EFT. She works very closely with doctors who work with Lyme clientele.

Left to Right: Kassandra, Diana, Alecia, Kathy

Kassandra Batey-Kee will be practicing in the Augusta area. She is a PT assistant and a connoisseur of healing herbs.

Dianna Murphy is continuing in the Zardus mentoring program to expand her knowledge as a massage therapist. She is practicing in Gardiner.

Kathy Hodges practicing in West Bath is a massage therapist as well. Alecia Lorance is practicing at The Massage Sanctuary in Gardiner.


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