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Member in the Spotlight: Aloisia Pollock

I was born and raised in Austria. After college, I moved, married and worked in New York City. I was a full-fledged member of Corporate America, working in the coal industry. In 1984 my family and I vacationed on Damariscotta Lake (at the cabins which my husband and I purchased in 1986). Janet Stetser advertised a reflexology workshop. Once I took the workshop, I was “sold” on reflexology and on Maine. In 1988 I moved to Maine with my two daughters and received my reflexology certification from Janet. The next step was getting ARCB certified in 1992. It was very interesting to experience their standards and how they compared to Janet’s curriculum.

I am a founding member of MCR. I do not belong to any other associations. I have been focusing on my other businesses and building them, i.e. my summer rental cottages on Damariscotta Lake and my Knitwear Design studio.

My clientele consists primarily of my customers at the cottages. They come every year and look forward to their sessions at the lake. I do have several year-round clients but at this time do not pursue growing my business. Working at weekend spa events for knitters and spinners also takes up my time and interest. I prefer foot reflexology according to the Kunz’s protocol with my own additions that have worked for me or for my clients. I have learned quite a bit from workshops but also through reflexology exchanges with my peers. I have practiced hand and ear reflexology in the past and use it to demonstrate when someone asks me about reflexology in a casual setting.

I have been teaching an introductory course to reflexology at the Downeast School of Massage for many years. The prospective massage therapists enjoy their 6 hours of reflexology and always ask for more. This is the time when I send them to our reflexology schools. Several years ago I did teach 2 courses of reflexology for Certification at DSM and one private course. I enjoyed teaching but it took a lot of time away from my family.

Of all workshops I have attended, I enjoyed Bill Flocco’s workshop the most. He taught us a very good ear routine and was an engaging instructor, full of great information and good humor.

I knit and love to cook and bake. I’m a member of a book club, sing in a choir, meet my friends for trivia, enjoy all kinds of sports and travel. This winter I enjoy downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snow-shoeing. Last weekend I tried curling in New Brunswick, Canada. Sound like fun? Everything in this paragraph is fun! In addition to these activities, I trade reflexology sessions and some massage. I also practice Pilates and yoga. Lately I have added some weights to my exercise routine. I am not a vegetarian but eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.

My vision for MCR is that our members get to know each other on a personal level by doing trades. My experience has shown that this is a good way of promoting a cohesive and cooperative group. As I expressed at the last meeting, I would want us to advertise reflexology on a grander scale. When we started MCR we had no money in our coffers. Our account has grown and we now have enough funds to reach the Maine population by advertising on the state level through newspapers/magazines and/or radio.

I’m always open to the surprises and gifts life brings to me. I have learned that simple gratitude engenders more of those gifts. Finishing the president’s term proved to be one of these serendipitous experiences and I have no idea what comes next but am excited to see what the future holds for me. . Aloisia

Interviewed by Wendy Decker, Newsletter reporter


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