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Member in the Spotlight: Connie Hubley

When did you get certified as a reflexologist? Who was your teacher?

In 1997 thru Footloose, Inc. by the ‘world renowned ‘Janet Stetser

What did you do before you became a reflexologist?

Many things- I was an LPN, working in the field of Developmental Disabilities then operated my own agency for 13 years. It was during this time that I became a reflexologist. How did you become interested in reflexology and becoming a reflexologist? I had originally wanted to train as a massage therapist, but could not work the school schedule with my work schedule. Found out about a reflexology course and decided to give it a try. After the first day of class, I was committed to learning more.

If ARCB certified...when and why?

I have been ARCB certified since 1999. I believe that it is important to reach out for the higher level of professionalism in your chosen field. What do you like about MCR and how long have you been a member? I have been an MCR member since 1997 at the recommendation of Janet during our reflexology training. Networking with other reflexologists is both enjoyable and always a stimulating learning experience.

What other associations do you belong to?

In the field of reflexology, I am also a member of the ICR, ARCB, RAA & ACARET. What is it like being a RAA delegate? Great! It is a wonderful experience to be able to network with other reflexologists from around U.S. while gaining insight into the professional working of the national association. It gives me a sense of unity with the reflexology ‘family’. There are many talented, dedicated professional reflexologists in the organization and I have truly enjoyed getting to know them while working with them to promote reflexology.

What is your practice like? What modalities do you use? What type(s) of reflexology do you use and which do you like best?

I see clients on a part-time basis. I also am a massage therapist and incorporate CranioSacral Therapy in my work. Some clients like to combine modalities.. I follow primarily a basic protocol of reflexology from what I initially learned with Janet, but with every workshop I take, I tend to add some piece of what I have learned to my session. So, over the years my session has evolved a bit.

Tell us about your school...why and when you started it. What you love about it.

I first started teaching reflexology through my local Adult Ed program. I found it to be a great way to get the word ‘reflexology’ out there in the general public and to provide people with a basic understanding of what reflexology is all about. After completing Massage School, I also have taught an Introduction to Reflexology at Massage Schools, being able to let the massage students understand that to be a professional reflexologist, they would need many more hours of training in reflexology. One of the massage students kept encouraging me to start a school, and finally, I taught my first certification course at the school that I attended in 2008. Since then, I have Incorporated the school and now teach it in Winthrop. I love the interaction with the students, the challenge of expanding on my knowledge in order to provide accurate knowledge to them, keeping both myself and the students up to date with the ever changing world of reflexology.

What workshops have you attended that you loved the most?

I feel that I have gained in knowledge and skill with every workshop I have taken, both the great ones, and the not so great ones, gaining a greater perspective of reflexology and how beneficial all the different approaches can be. I have been especially intrigued with the Cranio Sacral Reflexology that Martine Faure Alderson teaches. I have only taken the basic protocol workshop, but would like to take the others.

What else do you want to study and add to your practice? Facial Reflexology

What are your hobbies? Rug Braiding, kayaking, gardening

What do you like to do for fun? See above. Spend quiet time at camp, walk the beaches at the coast.

What do you do for your own health?

I have been committed to a regular exercise program since 1988 (the year I quit smoking ) While I make a variety of changes in my routines so that it does not get stale and boring, I work out every morning with the MPBN shows Body Electric & Classical Stretch, along with a variety of low impact aerobics ( Nordic Trak, walking, swim aerobics,etc. and Pilates. ) I try to take time to rest and appreciate the many gifts that our creator has given us in the world. I do this best at camp or the ocean.

Do you have any vision, hopes or ideas for MCR or the field of reflexology for the next year or two that you would like to share?

I would like to see MCR become committed to an effort in making reflexology licensed (or certified) with the State of Maine. While there are many pros and cons, I have become increasingly convinced that this is the direction that we, as a profession should seriously explore. By ‘exploring’, I mean that instead of just jumping into this pursuit, it may benefit us more if we explored all the pros & cons and look at any other possible avenues for us to take. Connie Hubley

Connie has her practice and school in Winthrop, Maine.


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