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Member In The Spotlight: Karen Tibbetts

Before becoming a reflexologist I was a Sales Rep at Russell Stover Chocolates for 13 years. I was plagued by sinus infections for years, and was constantly being treated with antibiotics, but they kept coming back. After traveling down South I met someone who was a Reflexologist who said she could help with my sinus issues and suggested I seek out a Reflexologist in Maine. After 8 weeks of homeopathic medicine, and 8 weeks of reflexology sessions, my sinus problems were alleviated and I knew that I needed to learn this modality so that I could help others with their chronic health issues. I was taught under the direction of Myra Achorn at Treat Your Feet School of Reflexology in Augusta, Maine, certifying as a reflexologist in February of 2016. Currently I am not ARCB certified, but I anticipate getting certified within the next couple of years.

I have been a MCR member for just over a year and enjoy being around like-minded people where we can share ideas and learn from each other. Being a member helps me stay informed of the current happenings with reflexology in Maine and remain updated about potential changes to laws and policies in Maine.

Networking with local businesses to share the benefits of my practice and encourage people to try new natural modalities for their health is helpful in expanding my practice, so I belong to BNI Successful Business Partners.

I practice mainly in a bedroom in my Oxford home that I have made into a reflexology room, though I do a few home visits. It is important to me to provide a relaxed atmosphere where my clients can feel safe to share what might be going on with their health either physical or emotional. Usually if one is out of balance, it throws the other off. So through the use of reflexology, reiki, quantum touch and aromatherapy, I can begin to work with the client so that their healing process can begin. I often reference a resource by Barbara and Kevin Kunz, “The Complete Guide to Reflexology.” While I am trained in reflexology on the hands and the ears, I choose to focus on the feet primarily.

I can’t say that I have an ideal client as I believe reflexology is beneficial for everyone. But, if I had to say what my ideal client is, I suppose it would be someone who has had chronic health issues and will commit to regular sessions so that they can see improvement in a natural, healing environment to avoid surgeries, unnecessary medications and discover the relief they are looking for.

I am continually adding to my practice with different modalities and offerings and was recently certified in the AromaTouch Technique that is a process of layering CPTG essential oils along the spine to heal the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It can provide reduced stress, reduced inflammation, improve the immune system and provide an overall relaxed feeling. Because it works with the nervous system, it is a great compliment to my reflexology practice. I also have attended Yamuna Body Rolling workshops where we work the feet with Foot Wakers. This is another modality that works the acupressure points of the feet and myofascial tissues. I love combining all of these things with my practice to provide the ultimate healing experience.

I plan to add face reflexology to my reflexology skills and also intend on attending a workshop with Bill Flocco on Pain Control and Stress Reduction using hands, feet and ear reflexology.

For fun, I love to ride motorcycles. I have my own and enjoy being on the road in the summer. Gardening and playing golf are two other loves. I also enjoy spending time with my two grandchildren who are four and six. They love being at “Nana’s” and I love being close enough that they can visit often.

Obviously I have reflexology done to myself! LOL! I use essential oils for my physical and emotional health and enjoy yoga (specifically yin yoga) and Yamuna Body Rolling. I also see a chiropractor regularly who uses a technique that also works the nervous system. And, I do my best to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

I would like to see the words “reflexology” and “reflexologist” become more prominent in Maine. My vision includes each state division holding a reflexology summit to bring more awareness to Maine. Having put a lot of thought into it lately, I thought perhaps we could offer free mini sessions so that the community can experience this modality and find a path to more natural alternatives for their health.

Reflexology is my passion. I truly believe in its benefits and get excited to share my knowledge. I have been on a path of natural healing, as I believe more and more people are looking for. I love being in a community of people where we all work together providing these natural alternatives to help reduce stress, physical ailments and toxic load for optimum health and well-being.

Karen Tibbets


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