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Member in the Spotlight: Mac MacDonald

Down East howdy,

I became a certified reflexologist in 2001... went to Myra Achorn’s school, Treat Your Feet ~ School of Reflexology. At the time I was recovering from shoulder surgery. I have been practicing foot rubs since 1967 when I first learned about it at summer camp. In 1976, 3 friends & myself drove cross-country in a 1954 Ford, giving foot rubs. We had a sandwich board saying, FOOT RUB $5.00, some folding chairs and camp footstools. Everyone would come out to see what the hippies ( 2guys, 2gals) were up to. It was great fun!

Before becoming a reflexologist, I have been an organic farmer and gardener, cook, glove cutter, truck driver, carpenter, artist, woodcutter, and pretzel vendor. When I had shoulder surgery, it was time to change jobs. Jane asked me, “Macky, what do you want to do the rest of your life??” My reply was “I want to tie flies, go fishing and rub people's feet.” So, I found a school and it cost $3000 dollars. So I wrote a letter to my friends explaining that if you give me money, I would pay folks back with foot rubs!! Raised all the money for school and got food and lodging included.

The best part was it gave me an automatic client list. Not yet planning to take ARCB test in May.

I like MCR because of strength in numbers. I enjoy the camaraderie. I think its important to stay in touch with other reflexologists. I have been a member since 2001.

My practice is house calls only. I travel all over Hancock County and other parts of the state. One of my best ideas is THE FOOT PARTY. Get your friends together, cook up some food and I will come over, give everyone a reflexology session and leave. You hangout with your friends and when you’re tired of them, send them home. This weekend I will be attending 3 foot parties in southern Maine. For my reflexology method, I use the American standard with some Mac moves thrown in

Organizations I belong to include MCR, Hancock County Volunteer Hospice, Big Brother Big Sister Of Hancock County, and North American Fishing Club Life Member.

The workshop I attended that I loved the most was Beryl Crane... she could tell that I have an endocrine variation by the lines in my hand. I want to study more hands and ears, and feet too. You can never have enough knowledge.

For hobbies, I enjoy fly fishing, bird watching ,cooking , shoveling snow, reading, organic gardening, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, play guitar, write music, meditate TM. For fun, I like everything. For my own health, I take my meds every day on time, watch what I eat and walk.

My vision is that we all work together to make our organization the best it can be and it becomes the standard that other organizations look to for guidance.

I have Type 2 diabetes. My whole name is Michael Mac Donald. I have Klinefelters Syndrome. I have been married to Jane for 17 years and yes... she did name CHERRY GARCIA . She is very happy I became a reflexologist and so am I.

Interviewed by Wendy Decker


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