Member in the Spotlight: Nancy A. Butler-Smith

I first heard of reflexology when in the mid 1990’s I had developed bone spurs in both my heels. I chose to get casts of my feet and have Orthotics made, purchasing well-made shoes, versus the surgery route. My sister had several sessions of reflexology with Myra Achorn, so I gave it a try and fell in love. Being a single mother at the time I could not have the number of sessions I would have loved to have had, but I was blessed with several gift certificates to see Myra often over the years. Each time I left her office feeling the need to learn more, though it was not until February of 2011 that a gift of the right amount of money for a deposit made me realize I was able to pursue an education from her Treat Your Feet ~ School of Reflexology.

While I was a student in 2011, I was introduced to the Maine Council of Reflexologists as an associate member, and I was impressed by the level of professionalism with which the meetings were held, and by how warmly welcomed I felt by everyone involved. Once I became a professional certified reflexologist early in 2012, I felt I had to do my part. I have volunteered to collect the mail, store the refreshment bins, and set up and maintain refreshment basics, all while participating in all but one of the Maine Council of Reflexologists’ General Assembly meetings. Thanks to the Education Committee, I am learning something new about reflexology and the people I am proud to call my colleagues, at each informative and interactive meeting!

My practice has grown from family and friends in my home, to doing sessions in client homes and elderly complexes, and now I have a wonderful office in Augusta. I still work a full time job in the field of Broadcast Radio for Blueberry Broadcasting. My new office is in the same building so I am able to see clients in the morning, mid-day and for sessions after 5pm.

I have participated in several area events; Common Ground Fair, Roaring Brook Ladies Night, Health and Wellness Fairs in Waterville, Augusta, Leeds, and this month at the 6th Annual Healthy Aging Expo at the Cohen Center in Hallowell. I want to bring reflexology the recognition it deserves as a complementary modality. I always promote The Maine Council of Reflexologists and provide the brochure at my booth set up, as I do not feel we are competing for clients with each other as much as we are with other modalities. Connie Hubbly, founder of the Reflexions Etc. School of Reflexology, invited me to take part in a share with her graduating class a few years ago, and I have reached out to some of Myra’s newer graduates and shared a booth at a health and wellness event last fall, and encourage other reflexologists to work together to promote and educate about reflexology at events. We are all in this together as it takes many to make a good impression across the state for all MCR members.

I enjoyed the Sue Ricks workshop last summer as it was so wonderful to have the chance to learn the gentle touch technique.

Last year I became a RAA delegate and devoted my time and energy into grasping what we as a state organization need from a national organization and what they need from us. Being Delegate, I had the task of representing MCR at the Leadership conference and it gave me a much better insight to what we can do with RAA to grow awareness of the professional level in which we practice our craft. The bottom line is we want to shout it from the roof tops what an amazing tool Reflexology can be in the overall well being of mankind!!

A happily married newlywed, I married my husband Mark last September. Together we have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys), and a lively 3 ½ year old grandson. We live in Monmouth where we love to garden. We have apples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, flowers, and a large vegetable garden, that keeps us very busy in the growing and harvest season. I love to walk, bicycle, and kayak around the beautiful State of Maine.

I was a 3rd Generation Florist having grown up in the family business of Flowers by Butler Twins in Farmingdale Maine, until my sisters and I decided to close the business and pursue other interests in 2000. I was a FTD Master Florist, and a Certified Balloon Artist.

My goal is to do reflexology full time. I have a Grandson with autism and would love to do a study of reflexology and its effects on autism. I want to become ARCB certified in the future, and continue to work with MCR, RAA, and public event’s to promote and educate the public on the benefits of reflexology.

My favorite moment I have had with each client is the second session when they completely let me in, you know that moment they just give in to the full realization that I am there to provide them with a great experience and the magic begins!!

Interviewed by Wendy Decker, Newsletter reporter


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