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The Maine Council of Reflexologists (MCR) is a non-profit organization bringing awareness to the public about this complementary field of nurturing your feet and hands to better your health.
maine reflexology

Reflexology is a specific touch technique that applies pressure with the thumbs and fingers to reflex points on the feet and hands. Using a micro map of the entire body on the feet and hands, reflexology targets specific reflex areas to help speed healing relief to the corresponding body area. Further, devoting attention to all areas brings the entire body into balance.

The Maine Council of Reflexologists focuses on...
* Bringing public awareness about this complementary therapy that nurtures your feet and hands to better your health.
* Providing a forum for sharing information through speaking engagements to community groups.
* Maintaining a strong voice for the reflexology profession in the state of Maine.
* Providing networking for professionals within the field. 
* Holding general membership meetings 3 times annually.
* Providing ARCB approved continued education for members.

To find a Reflexologist, Click on Download member listings (below), or on Find A Reflexologist on the top menu in the town you want.

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